.d Machining® is a manufacturer of precision-machined Medical, Aerospace, and Commercial products. Our 30-year heritage as the world leader in the production of custom, patient-specific radiation therapy devices demonstrates our machining expertise that we are now leveraging in the Aerospace and Commercial Contract Manufacturing markets.


Our in-house software development team, experienced machinists, and our leadership team with decades of experience in these markets, uniquely positions us to provide exceptional service to our customers.


Our mission is to achieve the same world-class status in Contract Manufacturing of Aerospace and Commercial product markets as we the quality levels demanded by the medical and aerospace industries faster and more responsive than any other company on the planet.

Our Quality Guarantee

.d Maching's quality policy is to comply with all customer and regulatory requirements by establishing and maintaining an effective Quality Management System, focused on exceeding customer’s expectations in the delivery of our custom manufactured products by demonstrating:

  • Superior Quality

  • Responsiveness to customers needs

  • Continual Improvement

  • Compliance with all Regulatory, Statutory and Contractual Agreements